It really is gratifying to hear that your young boss has this philosophy. After fifty years trying to promote and live out this exact philosophy and turn it into practice. I wish her the very best of luck. My deepest regret is that most politicians and many teachers still will not have the faintest idea of what she is on about. It will be dismissed as either left wing trendiness, unachievable idealism, or utter nonsense, depending whether on not the commentator is Michael Gove or just a very tired teacher doing their very best to cope with the lunacy in schools that has been created by educationally illiterate politicians!

As you know I have always been a cynic, but I still believe passionately that, in the end, education comes down to the quality of experience for each individual kid and our ability as educators to give that individual kid the best experience possible suited to how, and when, they learn. No amount of league tables, Ofsted (still known to me as Insted) reports, special measures etc. etc. will ever achieve this unless every teacher and all those who make the policies believe that education must be genuinely child centred. Someone once said to me that whatever decisions you take and whatever changes you make, always have a kid at the end of your arm. If we do that, we make the right decisions.

Pass on my congratulations to your young boss. I just hope that in another fifty years time there are a lot more like her in the teaching profession.

That’s my rant over!!

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